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Targeting Cutaneous Cannabinoid Signaling in Inflammation.
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Cannabis Terpenes And CBD Outperform Leading COVID-19 Treatment In Early Trial.
A combination of CBD and terpenes was three time more effective in stopping coronavirus-related inflammation run amok compared to dexamethasone.

Public health officials have lamented the rush to locate a reliable Covid-19 treatment has led to “desperation science,” marked by maverick experimentation and faulty research.

And while skeptics may lump cannabis in with that description, early trial results indicate otherwise.

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Australian Study Proves Cannabis Is A Safe Treatment As An Opioid Alternative.

Zelira Therapeutics Ltd ,  has confirmed its phase one dose-escalation trial of ZTL-103 has successfully met its primary and secondary endpoints for safety and efficacy.

The recent study was conducted at the St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, and the Emerald Clinics (EMD) in Perth, suggests cannabis is a safe option for patients to integrate into their current pain treatment.

That includes patients who .

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The late Jack Herer's famous book.

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Kleanthis Grivas

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TED Talks - Anecdotal: Woman stops 26 pharmaceuticals prescriptions and switched to cannabis.

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