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CRA-Z are the initials of 'Cannabis Research A-Z.'

If you are looking for cancer research, click the letter 'C'

If you are looking for the information on the cannabis strain ChemDawg, it's the same. Click on the letter 'C'

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(CRA-Z) started in 2009 to initiate a conversation between sick people who benefited from consuming cannabis, to the health care professionals, politicians, social workers, and law enforcement agencies.

CRA-Z has been viewed in every country on this planet, and shared in every language.

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Where does your cannabis really come from? Many people may not realize is that there are over 100+ Profesional Cannabis Breeders.

Competition is fierce and a lot of fun at the many global cannabis events throughout the year.

CRA-Z has indexed Seedsman's Full Cannabis Breeder Catelogue.
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Cannabis Research A-Z has thousands of medical journal PDF titles, however we've dedicated these eBooks to everyone

What Other Research Will You Find?

Cannabis Research A-Z (CRA-Z) is an independent tentacle of the 'Open Access' movement, and was aspired by the UNESCO.

Read the UNESCO brochure 'Open Access to Scientific Information'

Cannabis Research A-Z is recommended for doctors, students, advocates, caregivers, social workers, researchers, scientists, bloggers, webmasters, commercial growers, and green thumbed recreational hobbyists.

In addition to the scientific information obtained from this website, CRA-Z may include links to purchase products that may be illegal in some countries. Caution is advised about germinating the linked high grade 'novelty seeds'.

Wherever you live, growing tall cannabis plants out-doors can be a hazard with power-lines. :o)~

Cannabis Research A-Z is NOT a store, but we link to the best seed stores.

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